AmputeeOT: I am getting a Cochlear Implant *IN ASL*

Captioned for the ASL-impaired! I discuss the process of getting a cochlear implant. Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter:…


Captioned for the ASL-impaired! I discuss the process of getting a cochlear implant. Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter:…


  1. Ms. Stephens, I would love for my daughter to talk to you. We are in South St. Louis County. This past January, my daughter was in her final semester of college, when she contracted Bacterial Meningitis. She went completely deaf due to the Meningitis and the ototoxic antibiotics needed to be used to save her. She had cochlear implants in March, but unfortunately only one was successful, since her right side had already ossified. She has been learning to hear all over again, but is frustrated with her current struggles adapting to try blending back into the hearing world and struggling with job interviews and such. I think you would be an awesome inspiration to her

  2. My sister (8 years old) got a cochlear implant last year and she can only hear 1% of sounds

  3. Good luck!!! I cannot wait till I get an upgrade—Kanso bilateral❤️👍. I'm now wearing N5. Cochlear implants year of 2002 on the right and 2011 on the left. I love it. It better than hearing aids. I was born deaf due measles. #ASLdeaf power!!!!!!

  4. Did I miss something, or why do you have to get a CI?

  5. I like your video and I'm deaf and I have cochlear kanso…. I like to meet you.

  6. its your friend has cochlear freedom? i like that color cover this BTE of cochlear freedom. i have my own cochlear kanso…. i love it and its help me a lots to hear.

  7. You were my inspiration 4 years ago when deciding whether or not to amputate and now I'm getting back into the swing of using ASL again. Im anxious to follow you through another journey.

  8. Super informational, thanks. Can you still get MRIs?

  9. EDS sucks. I hope I don't end up losing my hearing…

    That said, these kinds of videos are great for those who do deal with such issues. Glad to see you're doing well with it. <3

  10. awesome video Christina 🙂

  11. Awesome good luck with everything!

  12. I'm partially deaf, it only a relatively recent thing. I've only just become obsessed with subtitles. It's so great to try follow along with your signing even though it's different from the type I will learn

  13. How do you wash your hair w/that thing in your head?

  14. Thank you so much for vlogging about this! I'm not hearing impaired so I'm obviously not your target audience for this video, but I have just started learning some ASL over the past year, and it was really beneficial for me to be able to follow along with the gestures as you did the voiceover! Thank you for putting in the time to do both! I wish you the best, and hope you have a successful surgery and quick recovery!

  15. I'm excited for you! Congrats on this implant. Great news! Look forward to seeing your progress. Take care! 🙂

  16. Just want to give you heads up, my aunt got a Cochlear implant around 8 months ago and has had bad headaches ever since. Not saying that you will have that side effect, but I wanted to let you know it is possible.

  17. With the magnet planted in your head. Will you have any problems setting off the metal detectors at the air port or court house?
    Have a wonderful week

  18. Thanks for sharing! I’m about to get a prosthesis in my left ear. I’m excited to hear the difference from what I’m hearing now.

  19. dang i was just about to see if you had any new videos you beat me to it

  20. This is good news, I hope the surgery goes smoothly. I appreciate how instructive you are with these things!

  21. So I was going to make a silly comment like "yeah, but can you plug it into your guitar amp?" (I have a weird sense of humor). I then looked up the Cochlear American accessories, and holy crap! You actually can! (using the TV sender accessory). Technology is awesome.

    Anyway, best of luck! I hope everything goes well for you.

    One more thing, I seem to remember you making a joke once about your "Terminator" leg. Won't you be one step further along once you get your cyborg hearing? 😉

  22. Are you getting a hybrid or a regular?

  23. Hi, I wish you a successful surgery. It would be nice to see you hear clear again…

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