Birth Control Implant || 3 Year Update

This is my experience with nexplanon/implanon over the past 3 years! Hopefully it helps you learn a little more and make fantastic decisions about your …


This is my experience with nexplanon/implanon over the past 3 years! Hopefully it helps you learn a little more and make fantastic decisions about your …


  1. I dont want the spotting but it seems to be everyones side effect 🙁 I'm tossing between Implanon VS copper IUD (which everyone seems to get heavier periods on) – All birth control, you just cant win. Being a woman is hard. Damn you men have it so easy.

  2. is nexplanon and implanon the same thing

  3. Thank you so much for making this ❤️

  4. I've had the Implanon for just about three years now and I have an appointment to get the Nexplanon in tomorrow. However, I got a call from Planned Parenthood that I can actually keep my implant in for four years. I don't know if I should trust the "research" on this, or just go ahead and get the new implant put in.

  5. so you had spotting about the first year….what about the second time you got the implant?

  6. I got my nexplanon yesterday and it still hurts today can't really do anything with my left arm. I am seeing so many horrible reviews about this implant and I am very scared.

  7. Our society is going down the shitter and no one cares.

  8. Thank you for this video. Your so articulate and beautiful!

  9. the spotting is annoying as hell I want to get some head damn it

  10. Nexplanon works great for me, I wish it did better on my acne tho.
    still have adult acne 🙁

  11. I would really love to be on this type of birth control but I'm terrified of the side effects I'll experience 🙁 I already have acne and don't want to have more, and I definitely don't want to bleed for a year or more straight 😂 Gosh why do women have to go through this struggle cx

  12. how was it getting it out? iam coming up to getting it out and iam so scared lol

    did you get a new one the same day ? or did you have to go back

  13. I just had gotten mine done and do far the only problem I have with it brushing in my arm. it was very painless and fast which is really good

  14. wanting to stay safe while having sex but if I get this then I will be bleeding…I dont want to have sex while on me period however the pill won't mess up my pattern but it's just the case of forgetting to take it

  15. Can you still feel it in your arm, even after 3+ years?

  16. havnt got spotting or weight gain but ive only had it for a month and had bad dizziness my head and eyes were spinning for hours felt like a hangover did you or anyone else have this side effect?

  17. I have the implant too and i had my period for 2 weeks at most and it finally stopped so yay! Now I love it

  18. walmart has pregnancy tests for 88 cents 🙂

  19. I wanna get on it but I'm terrified, my sister got on it and she was losing her hair. I'm 17 and I weight 96 pounds so I wanna gain weight but I don't want my hair to fall out 😅. I'm currently on the Depo and I've been bleeding for 5 months since I first got it and it's making me lose the little weight I have.

  20. Hello! I have a question.
    If l use the implant does it affect me if l want to have more kids latter on? And do you workout? Is it true that it make you gain a lot of weight?

  21. This is kind of off topic but I really would enjoy seeing a shower routine and the current products you use! Great video by the way. 😘😘

  22. I have the implant and this is my 3rd year and honestly I keep it in because it really does work to prevent pregnancy but I have so much side effects it's annoying. All this time I have been waiting for them to get better and when I think they will they just change. I used to be regular before the implant but now I just never know i might have a better or worse cycle or a super long and heavy one and also headaches and my boobs get super sore before I get my period and during the time I have it. I always heard good things when I did my research but it is just not the case for me. I think it's amazing for those that have no side effects because it is so hassle free and long term, but I can't wait for mine to expire and take it out, also i have gained 30 pounds and I eat the same way, so I know it has to be the implant.

  23. Thanks Brit! I've been on the pill for 10 years now and I don't know excactly how I feel about it. When I started taking it, I was a normal 16yo girl with a spot here and there sometimes, but nothing too bad. I was happy with the pill and loved, as you said in your other video, to get the monthly reassurance on me not being pregnant. However, when I was about 21 I heard that via taking the pill we women make fish infertile thus destroy the ecosystem (It sounds funny, I know, but think about it). So I stopped taking the pill. As well as having a cycle for 60+ days! and much heavier bleeding, my skin became crazy. There I was, a 21yo woman with the skin of a 13yo teenage boy. It wouldn't stop and I got scars from the acne. So after a year or so, I went back onto the pill – guess who has clear skin now?
    Still, I feel somehow odd, taking that pill before bedtime, chucking it down as if it was nothing, so I'm naturally interested in other forms of birth control. My gyn does not recommend the IUD for females who have not yet given birth, aka she doesn't implant them because she does not want to be hold guilty for making a young woman infertile, which I do understand and support. The implanon sounds quite nice to me (even if I "like" to get my period) but costs 300€ in Germany (roundabout 270$) (being 26, I'm too old to get it for free 😉 ).Buying 6 half-year-boxes à 30€ with the pill "only" costs 180€..
    You know, if I wasn't scared to destroy my uterus, I would gladly have an IUD implanted, also because you can get it hormone-free. My sister has one but she got it implanted after the birth of my nephew. So I guess I will take the pill until I'm ready for a child but taking it day by day for the next 5 years (at least) does not really make me happy either. :/

  24. my mother had me at 17. so I don't take this lightly.

  25. if you go to the doctors after taking birth control or get birth control implants and you say you are experiencing symptoms, they send you string to the E.R. Doesn't that tell you just how dangerous it is? why would you do that to yourself? practice self-control. don't have sex. especially outside of marriage.

  26. and I'm 17 and I know this. make smart choices people.

  27. birth control hurts your body and give you life long consequences

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