cochlear implant activation 21 year old

My name is Raia and this is a video of me hearing for the first time with my second cochlear implant. I have a bilateral progressive loss that started at the age of …

Raia Rosenblom

My name is Raia and this is a video of me hearing for the first time with my second cochlear implant. I have a bilateral progressive loss that started at the age of …


  1. You young lady are pretty and made me bawl my eyes out when you cried. Already singing and just barely hearing music for the first time. Blessing to you and your family:).

  2. hi raia… how do u keep it up til now? hope u do fine… im kinda have the same issue but just waiting for it to be worth!

  3. The video is cool and all but don't diss my boy T-Pain. He's a legend.

  4. I'm confused sorry, if she already has a cochlear implant and this is her second, would she not have already experienced this with her first ear?

  5. Hello, my name is Natacha. I'm very nervous about the implantation procedure, my bi-lateral surgery to be performed end of December, 2016. Would like to confer with anybody here on many fears I have.

  6. I have a deaf friend also. he got the same implants when he was a baby

  7. If you are reading this have a GREAT day!

  8. Nice combination of beauty and happiness, I'm glad for her.

  9. what does she mean by "it sounds the same" ..the same as what?

  10. A°°°°° cochlear implant

  11. Печеньки захватят этот мир!

  12. Turns out Justin Beiber really does sound like shit.

  13. I am also a deaf person!The 4-year-old time gets a fever and listens to a dint decrease, currently I am in China, single,

  14. She is beautiful and this is indeed a wonderful moment!!!

  15. Интересное видео! Мы тоже снимаем видеоролики о процедуре имплантации и протезирования зубов. Будем рады, если вы зайдете на наш канал

  16. Raia, congrats with the implant 🙂 its great to see you so happy from it! I hope you continue to enjoy and celebrate this new found sense 🙂

  17. The part that blew my mind was when she sang back the lyrics to the song at 3:07 and while impersonating the singer her vocal impairments disappeared for that brief time.

  18. I want to explain to all of you how this miracle works, wearing cochlear implant isn't enough to hear. I was born as a deaf person (1994) and I have cochlear implant since 2006. Before operation I was wearing hearings but it was really not confortable, especially I'm living in Poland and polish language is hard to understand in them. The point is what happenned after 2006. First time I wear cochlear implant I was like 'Ok, I hear something in it, but it's much worse than in hearing'. It's not possible to hear in normal way in first second, day, month and year. This little device on ear has own settings and first settings must be as low as it is possible. In higher settings, especially in maximum settings brain would be in shock and consequences will be bad. But yes, it is miracle, but don't think it is simple. My way to almost 100% of hearing (100% of hearing is only for people who were operated before 1-2yo.) started in September 2006 and finished about 2009/10. 

  19. Ich kann diese Scheiße mit Gott nicht mehr hören. Die Ärzte reißen sich den Arsch auf einige Leute hier bedanken sich bei Jesus. Vollidioten…

  20. What a beautiful moment. Congratulations Raia.

  21. I did start to search for people who hear for the first time after watchin Google – Year in Search 2014 video!Thats amazing and im happy that we made it that far!!!!People is amazing!!!!

  22. Your expression made my day. Thank you. Congratulations on hearing. The good part about your situation is that if someone is annoying…you can just turn 'em off. Me, i gotta listen that shit! lol

  23. My niece had a bilateral cochlear implant by the age of one. She was diagnosed with severely to profound deafness at 3 months old had hearing aids, and early intervention from age 3 months to 3 years, pre school inclusion and now fully integrated and has an itinerant teacher of the deaf. She is at the top of her class in third grade.

  24. Haha Bless ya! Great video, fuck knows how I got on to this but glad I did. Your face was an absolute picture!

  25. Incredible! Raia, you're so pretty. so moving!

  26. I'm a guy, and I almost started crying at work.  Awesome.

  27. Why can't people just say she's beautiful and this is an amazing moment and just leave it as that

  28. I have had  Cochlear implant operation in Norway 29 september. I hear some sound and tinnitus in my head. Sometimes it is very high and at night time and sometime at day time and some it is silence. Is this usual? Because i do not see anyone talk about this sounds going on in head. I will have soundtest 10 nowember this year.

  29. Her first exposure to music again is with T-Pain? A bit cruel, isn't it?

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