I Have A Cochlear Implant AND I Am Still Deaf

I filmed this back in November but am just finally getting around to captioning it. I have a cochlear implant and I am still Deaf. A cochlear implant is just a tool it is not a replacement…

Amanda McDonough

I filmed this back in November but am just finally getting around to captioning it. I have a cochlear implant and I am still Deaf. A cochlear implant is just a tool it is not a replacement…


  1. Get the new N7 and it works best also it has Bluetooth and is concentrated in the voice rather thank the background

  2. Thank you for this  video I have bi lateral cochlear implants right ear 7 months left ear 2 months I am 43 years old and last year I went to sleep and I woke up completely deaf for no medical reasons I have never had hearing problems growing up so I never had to learn sign language and now at my age there are no sign language schools for me but I do look online daily before my surgeries I spent 8 months completely deaf my own family left me alone and not a friend in sight now that I am able to communicate with them again they to be my friend but I AM DEAF every time these implants come off and I have learned to LOVE my new identity as a deaf woman with cochlear implants too.

  3. Damn preeeeeeach!!! I love this because I feel like it happens so much. As far as ppl judging each other in the deaf community… I am late deaf and have unfortunately not had any good experience with meeting other deaf ppl. I get the feeling I am not welcomed in many deaf social circles b/c I'm not culturally deaf, and I'd rather not experience that. And then on the other end I don't fit in a hearing world because I am deaf/HOH so…as far as where I go rn..still confused and unsure about that. But I digress. Any who, I just think everyone should support each other and not judge personal choices. I've only just barely recently started to try again putting myself out there, as I continue to see more deaf youtubers putting themselves and their stories out there 🤘🏽💖✌🏽 thank you ☺️

  4. Hiya I'm a child and I've had my operation already but haven't had them on yet but I'm feeling excited becuase they are the newest ones in 2017!!!!!!!

  5. Born Deaf always Deaf. Once Deaf always Deaf.

  6. Me too! I used wear hearing aids since a year old till adulthood I got both cochlear implants. I love it. Yep! I still deaf. ❤️❤️

  7. Great U tube!!! I have two Cochlear Implants — R 2002 and L 2011. I love it. Guess what??? Me too I am still deaf since birth and use ASL sign lounge. I used to wear hearing aids since 1 year old. Too many misunderstanding– most deaf people think it will make become hearing after receiving cochlear implants. Hahahah!! No no it will not happen. I'm still deaf. Good speech Amanda !

  8. I don't need CI cuz doctors are so greedy.

  9. I agree with you.
    I'm hearing and I'm trying to learn ASL. I was wandering if you are signing in the "gramatical" ASL or if you sign in another order or something like that.
    Really appreciate.
    Keep going!

  10. I have a cochlear implant but haven't used the processor with it in
    donkey's years….I just got strange noise that I couldn't decipher.

  11. Wow! I can't believe how much I improved in sign language! I didn't understand everything you were signing, but I understood enough to understand the video and what you were talking about.

  12. So True Amanda! I agree Im deaf and Wearing a Cochlear implant

  13. i have a cochlear implant and i still love being deaf. i was grown up with my old hearing aids for 20 years and now they not help me anymore and i decided to take it CI 6 years ago and also i will getting new kanso cochlear implant soon.


  15. Hello I just found your channel because it came up in my suggested but so far I REALLY like your videos. i am learning asl right now. but im teaching my self kind of. i am using a different youtuber who teaches sign language and I really love the language and i am actually very interested in the culture and kind of like everything to do with deafness. I WANT TO LEARN MORE. this is kind of a funny story but i got into sign language because i started watching this show called switched at birth it is about these two girls one is deaf and one is hearing and they got switched at birth and as the show goes on everyone starts using sign language and that basically how i became interested. anyway sorry for this long comment just wanted to tell you. keep up the good work!

  16. It's great watching your videos, really helps me (30 years of perfect hearing, lost all hearing within 2 days last year and now have CI's) to start forming my own (D/d)eaf identity. Thanks!!

  17. Bless you for captioning your videos I'm not fluent in sign language but I still can't hear😂

  18. Do you feel you are hearing better with cochlear implant than the hearing aids?


  20. happy to learn such wonderful realities..

  21. "if you want CI, go for it…..if you don't want CI, don't go for it" well-said Amanda!

    I have CI and I am Deaf! (note the capital D)

  22. i want to have cochlear implants too but im scared lol

  23. I'm not deaf but I agree with you. Every person is resposible for his/her decisions, nobody should judge you or tell you what to do, they may advice you, but still, the decision is yours. A CI doesn't define who you are, you do. Thank you for sharing, I love learning more about deaf culture 🙂

  24. May I ask when you got a cochlear implant and why did you decide to do it? I'm 20 years old that wear hearing aids since I was a baby because I had little hearing but are getting curious about cochlear implant. And I'm not fluent in Sign Language but do know a bit.

  25. So which is better the Cochlear Implant or Hearing Aids? 🙂

  26. Love your vlog! I have cochlear implant and I'm still deaf forever I still love being deaf,still love to use my cochlear implant,my voice and asl everyday because I love to being both world and those people have to understand that cochlear implant not make them hearing 100% and if other deaf and hard of hearing people want one that their choice. If they don't want one. That their choice. But I don't care what they wants because I love to support,accept and respect people no matter what because I love to see people happy. And plus hearing people need to understand that deaf and hard of hearing don't need to be fixed they should respect their deaf culture and support them instead of judge

  27. YES!!! This is what I constantly tell people. If I happen to talk with new parents of a deaf child, I tell them that it's completely up to them if they decide to get a CI or not. BUT they have to know that it's not an be-all, end-all cure for their hearing, and I strongly encourage them to learn sign anyway. The child may not want to use CIs later in life, and then what? The parents are screwed because they don't have an effective communication method. Even if the child continues to use it their whole life, they might still prefer to sign. SO many reasons to just learn sign anyway!

  28. Thanks for sharing this!!!! 💖💖💖

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