Paralysed monkeys walk again with brain implant

Pictures courtesy of EPFL. Read more:

New Scientist

Pictures courtesy of EPFL. Read more:


  1. And afterwards they released the monkey back into the wild & everyone lived happily ever after.!
    Oh… Wait.. No they didn't… Rather, They killed the poor fucker, dissected it's brain & dumped it in the trash, then started all over again on its brother… Rinse & repeat…
    Ho hum, look elsewhere for your fairytale ending.!

  2. what is the title of the music?

  3. If I were to get one one those, I'd rather have it in a wired connection. Wireless? Yeah, no I don't want someone to hack my legs.

  4. That monkey must be so glad that, after deliberately paralysing it, they managed to get it hobbling. It looks so happy at 00:40.

  5. this is amazing. reflexes can also be significantly improved.

  6. Ah science.

    Meanwhile in religion, … retarded shit.

  7. trump against technology will be the most retrograde era for the USA, he promised the ignorants to revive the coal minery.. yeah sure.

  8. amazing technology but how did they find the paralysed monkeys in the first place, did they paralyse the monkeys first?

  9. Great. Now we need a brain implant to make Trump supporters think straight.

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