Swan Sylvia after Ear pinning, Chin implant, Upper lip lift, Nosejob, Boob job, etc. by Dr Haworth

With state of the art plastic surgery, Dr Randal Haworth of Beverly Hills metamorphoses Sylvia Cruz for the hit Fox TV show The Swan. Dr Haworth performs a liposuction, breast augmentation,…

Randal Haworth MD FACS

With state of the art plastic surgery, Dr Randal Haworth of Beverly Hills metamorphoses Sylvia Cruz for the hit Fox TV show The Swan. Dr Haworth performs a liposuction, breast augmentation,…


  1. Hahha she looked so different so they could just have switched to another person lul

  2. The only reasonable person from the team is the therapist

  3. This show is just "I have a couple of things I'd like to fix" "Oh ok well this this this and this all need doing, and we're gonna have to change this as well"

  4. She looked good to start with, though more importantly had a lovely charisma and caring manner; a true sparkling personality. Yes the weight loss would have been better with regular exercise time but i totally get the ear thing; they really weren't THAT bad, but she had felt the pain all her life so it was good to just take that self-consciousness away. Didn't like the hair after, tbh, but she can do whatever she wants now. Really happy for her and i hope she's happy with her man. This made me smile 🙂

  5. Is this serious? this is so messed up.

  6. Liposuction??? Its a fucking super-dangerous procedure!!! Are they trying to kill her?

  7. When I was a teenager I worshipped this show. I wanted so badly to be on this show someday. I'm so grateful that my mindset has changed.

  8. I HAVE NO idea how this show pop up on my feed maybe I was looking at old t.v. shows. BUT this was a bunch of Fkery.. now Sylvia she was ok. But looking at some OTHER show clips.. these chicks needed gym and that's it. WTF….. And seriously low low SELF esteem. Surgery isn't the way. And the Heart Disease Diva OMG plz stooppp chick was WHAT 23?? Needed basic workout method make-up and life coach.. I can't believe I use watch this show long ago lol. Show def was an escape method 4 ladies who were lazy or had deep issues. Hope they kept it up.. smh America 🖓

  9. She's beautiful she don't need surgery

  10. that first lady is cute without plastic shit js

  11. I thought she was beautiful. All she needed was a work out program to improve her posture and maybe the moles off her face

  12. Wow, this is screwed up… 😬 I hate this.

  13. She was beautiful before, this show is fucked up in all kinds of ways

  14. Going to the gym is that hard? For god sake….

  15. she would only need therapy and coaching, because the problems she has with "leaving her old self" and stuff like that is in her mind and shouldnt affect her beautiful looks

  16. I Wudnt Do this. but I understand those that Doo Let me Tell These Crazy m
    f SomeiN, while I'm having this Psychic Reading

  17. I'm Not Liking this tho, I don't believe In all this shit, unless it is fucking wit hua to wear she can't Live Life and Having sumSort of mental, breakDown behind it, I understand that

  18. Today's Psychic Reading. y Tresie Frazier. ,THank'u For Listening

  19. I'm reading these niggahs Bitch Ass Lies, By the way. y'all fucking Tripping. this women is already Beautiful y'all just gone let hua think she needs All this Shit SHIt crazy, I understand tho😉

  20. ya this it girl ain't ugly thoah ha I'm laughing at these niggas They say I use'2 be ugly and went on this show huh uaaaaah., lil'Bit Is Not Ugly tho. a Swan , this is sum BullSHit,. let be SitBack & Watch

  21. this girl suppose to be ugly? bullshit, this is not an Ugly women , let me see if this is the show.

  22. It's fun to watch but at the end, this is just very sad.

  23. You recognize all these mixed feelings you get watching this? Well that's you growing up hearing about all this "beauty is on the inside bullshit" while simultaneously being exposed to the truth, that beauty IS superficial and it's very real.

  24. Disgusting. She needs mental health assistance; a counselor to talk to…not a fucking plastic face.

  25. "I'm engaged!"
    "oooooh What did he say?"
    "..Will you marry me" (She's thinking 'You stupid bitch')

  26. ugh what the fuck. They took her ethnic nose away.

  27. i understand plastic surgery for you, i get it. id do it too but telling her that old sylvia being gone is a good thing really fucks a person up.

  28. how do people sign up to win full body lipo bruj 😂 i cant even sign up for free samples cuz i be getting bs and scam

  29. OML imagine if this was in 2017 😂

  30. She look 10 years older after the makeover

  31. I'm Glad😀 Like IF You're Glad Too😀😀

  32. I want surgery on my face and body too, I'm 119 pounds and on the short side of average height and I want to be 110-114 pounds but I'm not far off from that naturally.
    I want surgery to make my boobs bigger and not so saggy, I want hip surgery so I have a better hip to waist ratio. I have an almost flat stomach with barely there baby abs, but my waist to hip ratio is not super defined and I want it to be like exaggerated.
    Idk what I'd do about my face because there's nothing heaps ugly about it and I'm prettier than this girl in the vid to begin with, but I want to make it prettier if there's anything I could do. I'm sure this team would find something to improve.
    I'm way prettier than any of the 'swans' on this show before the surgery but I want to be drop dead gorgeous. I mean those swans start out uglier than me and after surgery might be prettier than me, so why I couldn't I get super pretty too?

    I don't feel confident and good about myself because someone I slept with once would always point out hot girls and he said I'm not hot, he didn't call me 'ugly' just not good looking but I feel ugly and pathetic and insecure because of it, and I think the only way I'll ever feel good enough or like I deserve to be confident is if I change a lot about myself.
    And when he was around hot girls he was just so nice to them and treated them way differently to how he treated me, flirting and smiling. With me he'd be all weird and awkward and grumpy and would never stop talking about other hot girls and how much he loves hot girls and I'm not hot.
    Because he'd always say he wants to be with someone hot etc I feel like I'm supposed to feel ashamed about what I naturally have. I always feel low and ashamed of myself. Those ladies felt happier and more confident after their surgeries, why wouldn't I?
    I'm not getting therapy, I think therapy is useless I just want to change my face and body. When I know I look pretty I feel better, I would not feel better at all or believe a therapist who tells me to care about other things.

  33. The Swan and Extreme Makeover Surgery edition used to be on TV when I was younger.. me and my family always watched it together… weird

  34. I thought she was truly beautiful before! There's nothing wrong with molding yourself aesthetically, as long as you're happy and not hurting anyone! Beautiful person inside and out!

  35. haha, this is fascism in disguise!

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